Maharshi Patanjali Yog Seva Trust

Maharshi Patanjali Yog Seva Trust

Application for Medical-aid

Note: Information box left blank will cause rejection of the application.


Rules, regulation & conditions

  • The information furnished by the applicant must be correct. If any information furnished by the applicant is found false or fake, the application will, immediately, be rejected for further proceed.

  • If it is found that, after release of Medical-aid, beneficiary furnished false or fake information tactfully, an amount of Medical-aid will, immediately, be recovered, in full and not in a part, from the beneficiary of Medical-aid, with retrospective effect and the same will not be released again, at any cost.

  • Submission of application does not mean that the applicant is eligible for Medical aid. But, submission or acceptance of application is an administrative pre-consideration procedure for the same.

  • Trust reserves rights to hold or reject or terminate any of applications of Medical aid, without reason and prior intimation.

  • Trust reserves rights to increase or decrease or stop an amount of Medical aid once released.

  • No claim for any of amounts, with respect to Medical-aid, will be entertained, in the case of reject or hold or terminate of application or aid for the same.

  • All beneficiaries of Medical-aid are bound to follow rules, regulations and coditions with respect to Medical -aid, time to time. Breach of any of rules, regulations & conditions will cause termination of Medical aid, with immediate effect.

  • In the case of desputing matter, the decision of the president of trust will remain final, bound and acceptable to all the beneficiaries and to all concerned.

Undertaking & Consent letter

All of the above rules, regulations & conditions are read carefully by me with consciousness. I, hereby, deliver my consent and acceptance of all of the above rules, regulations & conditions with respect to Medical-aid.

Signature of the applicant (No need to be signed if forwarded through ONLINE)